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How to save a choking child – how to recognise and help

Choking can be one of the most terrifying situations you can find yourself in…

Anaphylaxis – an awareness

Do you know how to recognise anaphylactic shock and how to help?

Heart attack and cardiac arrest what’s the difference?

This sheds some light on their differences, their signs and symptoms.

What First Aid training should Nursery staff have?

Here we detail the pertinent sections of the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory framework:

Can Schools hold a “Spare” emergency Salbutamol inhaler?

YES! This is a discretionary power enabling schools to do this if they wish.

What fire training should businesses provide their employees?

We offer a range of classroom, virtual and online training options to help employers meet their Fire Safety responsibilities.

Are you worried about using your First Aid skills outside of your working environment?

“Use your first aid skills within the scope of which you have been trained”.

What first Aid Training does a Secondary School need?

In the majority of cases secondary schools look at 3 different titles with us, these are:

Calls for compulsory Bleed Kit training in Schools.

A community worker close to the families of two teenagers fatally stabbed, has started a petition to make it compulsory for first aid training for stab victims to be taught in secondary schools.


We switched to delivering FREC 3 (First Response Emergency Care) once FPOS (First Person on Scene) became a level 4 qualification.

What First Aid Training does a Primary School need?

While regulations do not require employers to provide first aid for anyone other than their own employees, it is strongly recommended that all schools and colleges consider the needs of non-employees such as pupils, students and visitors when making provision for first aid.

What are the most common medical emergencies in schools?

In UK schools, some of the most common medical emergencies include: