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We switched to delivering FREC 3 (First Response Emergency Care) once FPOS (First Person on Scene) became a level 4 qualification. Whilst both are similar in content and are both suited to those who may have a duty to respond to a medical emergency, it has been our opinion that the FPOS qualification requires far more written work to achieve the resulting qualification.

The FREC course sits at level 3 and for those who have historically taken FPOS this course is very similar to the “old ” FPOS qualification.

Of course, it’s personal choice! Both are related to pre-hospital emergency care and focus on providing essential first aid and life-saving interventions in the critical moments before professional medical help arrives. Both include assessing the scene, ensuring personal safety, managing airways, controlling bleeding, providing CPR, and immobilizing casualties.

Aid Training’s team are always happy to chat through the specifics of the course.