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Can Schools hold a “Spare” emergency Salbutamol inhaler? YES!

The emergency salbutamol inhaler should only be used by children, for whom written
parental consent for use of the emergency inhaler has been given, who have either been
diagnosed with asthma and prescribed an inhaler, or who have been prescribed an
inhaler as reliever medication.
The inhaler can be used if the pupil’s prescribed inhaler is not available (for example, because it
is broken, or empty).
This change applies to all primary and secondary schools in the UK. Schools are not required to
hold an inhaler – this is a discretionary power enabling schools to do this if they wish. Schools
which choose to keep an emergency inhaler should establish a policy or protocol for the use of
the emergency inhaler based on this guidance.
Keeping an inhaler for emergency use will have many benefits. It could prevent an unnecessary
and traumatic trip to hospital for a child, and potentially save their life. Parents are likely to have
greater peace of mind about sending their child to school. Having a protocol that sets out how
and when the inhaler should be used will also protect staff by ensuring they know what to do in
the event of a child having an asthma attack.


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