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Are you worried about using your First Aid skills outside of your working environment?

We are occasionally asked if those who have had first aid training are vulnerable legally if they use their first aid skills in a public setting – away from work.

Our response is

“Use your first aid skills within the scope of which you have been trained”.

There are “Acts” that give First Aiders confidence to use their skills for the purpose of preserving life, here’s one :

The Social Action, Responsibility and Heroism Act 2015 (SARAH Act) was introduced in the UK with the aim of providing additional reassurance to individuals who engage in certain types of voluntary activities, including acts of heroism, by outlining the factors courts should consider when determining negligence claims

While the SARAH Act does not specifically mention first aid or medical assistance, it does cover a broad range of voluntary activities and acts of heroism. The Act states that courts, when determining negligence claims, should consider whether the person acted heroically to prevent or mitigate harm or damage, whether the person demonstrated a responsible approach towards protecting the safety or interests of others, and whether the person was acting for the benefit of society or any of its members.

While the SARAH Act does not provide blanket immunity or specific protection for those delivering first aid, it underscores the importance of considering the context and intentions of individuals who engage in voluntary activities or acts of heroism when assessing negligence claims.