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Anaphylaxis & Autoinjector – Online

£8.96 + VAT

This course suits all that care for or support those at risk of anaphylaxis.


Whilst we would always advocate face to face training, this online course is perfect for general awareness of this life-threatening condition.
Whether supporting those who are known to have this condition, or you are looking to prepare your team or family in case this emergency situation occurs for this first time, this short course highlights the symptoms and shows how to correctly respond.

Individual price: £8.96 + VAT

This course is accessed on our online platform, there are 2 parts to the program which can be completed in one go or the learner can log in and out and complete at their own pace. The total time needed is no more than 2 hours.

Signs, symptoms and triggers of Anaphylaxis
Care Plan

There is an online test at the end of this course – the pass rate is 80%.

The cost per individual is £10.75 (this includes vat). Individuals can join the course by clicking this link:

If you have a group to train, please complete the below form as we can arrange group access and invoice accordingly.

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